Maci's Story

Born on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at Methodist Germantown.
6 lbs 5 oz
18 inches

Written by a family friend of Maci's Mom, K. Snow.

Maci was born November 19th (2011) at 35 weeks via emergency c-section. Jima did not feel Maci move most of the day on the 19th. She had been active most of the day which in the past meant Maci did not move around a lot. Rick and Jima were not worried as much after they heard the heartbeat. Facebook posts saved Maci's life. Jima posted that Maci was not moving but they heard the heartbeat and a couple of her friends said they had lost babies and Jima needed to call the doctor. Maci was born only 44 minutes after Jima and Rick got to the hospital. Praise the Lord for everything working in Maci's favor!

Once she was here, Maci had several obstacles to overcome. Jima's placenta had torn and Maci lost more than half of her blood volume and due to distress Maci inhaled meconium. She was on a ventilator for almost 4 full days, had 3 blood transfusions, lots of tests and had a UAC (IV line directly into an artery via her umbilical cord) and it prevented Jima and Rick from holding her for 11 days. Everything turned around for Maci with the exception of her kidney function. She has been diagnosed with Intrinsic Renal Failure. She is on dialysis and the long term medical plan is for her to continue dialysis until she is at least 22 pounds and can receive a kidney transplant which will be about the time she is a year old.

Maci was transferred to Le Bonheur on December 1st (2011) to where the kidney doctors are located so they could care for her. She had to have a 4th blood transfusion at Le Bonheur. In the 18 days at Le Bonheur Maci has shown (mprovement. She is currently being fed with a bottle and a feeding tube in her nose (in times she won't take her bottle). She had the original feeding tube removed but since starting dialysis, sometimes does not want to take a bottle so her milk is given through her tube.  (She is now fed through a tube inserted into her stomach called a g-tube and receives her feedings through it.)

We know our God can heal Maci! We are praying for God to heal her little sweet body, for guidance for the doctors and nurses that are caring for her, and for strength for Jima and Rick. PLEASE join me in praying for Maci! This little sweetie is a fighter and God has an awesome plan for her life!

Maci was able to go HOME from her 19 week, 5 day stay in the hospital on April 5, 2012. 

Meet the Parents: 
Rick & Jima

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