Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Do You See What I See?

Maci saw her Ophthalmologist on April 29 and she wrote her a prescription for glasses.  Yep, glasses.  We've always known she had some light perception....she has always closed her eyes in bright light or out in the sun.  She's great about keeping sunglasses on and will keep her eyes open while wearing them.  Dr. Hoehn decided to have Maci try glasses and see what they could do.  She made no promises and said if they didn't work for her at least we've tried and there was nothing lost.
We picked up her cute, little, pink glasses today and they are adorbs! 
Once they were on, Maci kept blinking....almost like batting her eyelashes.  She kept acting differently and smiling and laughing and "talking".  She followed a light for her Daddy and later followed my finger. It's been an exciting day!  I do not think she will be watching TV but I believe she does see more, sees something, with her glasses.  It's been fun to watch her today!
Too cool to look towards the camera. 
On our way for our monthly kidney doc check in. 
Yea, they won't help much this way, Moo.

Wore out!

We shall SEE how things go and in the meantime, enjoy the summer.

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  1. Sweet mother of are ADORABLE in your new glasses!!! Can't wait to see ya with em in person.