Saturday, April 25, 2015

A girl, her wheelchair and a bag of salad.

Maci's labs are STILL stable after 4 months and she has still not had to go back on dialysis.  That's God's work right there.
Our last hospital stay in December, the PT started the process of getting Maci a wheelchair.  I nearly cried at the suggestion.  I knew she needed one for spinal support and to help in improving her head control but it was still bittersweet.  I thought for sure my sweet girl would be walking by age 3 or at least be sitting independently.  Having a wheelchair ordered for her was a tall drink of reality.  

Her new crimson red ("Roll Tide Red") wheelchair was delivered Thursday, April 16th.  We had to sit her in it for the company delivery man to make adjustments and she seemed to really like it.  We took "baby steps" over the next few days in having her spend time in it.  She continued to enjoy it. 
First time in her new wheels. 

Having a blast on the front porch with her "laptop". 

This week I took her to the college for a student jazz performance.  It was her first time to wheel around in public and she did great.

spent the day today, working on my last speech for the semester; a persuasive speech on organ donation. ♻️ When I finished, we took a family trip to Walmart.  Maci has always disliked stores....Walmart, Target, Kroger, Children's Place, it didn't matter the type of store.  
It's never been an issue because I don't like to take her in crowded public places very much but tonight we put her in her wheelchair and hoped she wouldn't mind a quick trip in the store.  The "quick trip" lasted an hour and she was happy until the very end of the grocery list.  That unhappiness was resolved by giving her a bag of salad to hold.  Taking it away to scan it resumed the quivering bottom lip and sobs.  I had to find it and give it back to her and she was happy again.  
I was thrilled and so proud of her for doing so well!!

Who knew that a wheelchair would allow her to be so content!!!???  I feel guilty for not getting one sooner. ♿️

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